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Published November 22, 2016

When I first shared an article to my Facebook account and got support from my family and friends, I was ecstatic. I thought to myself that this would be the beginning of my glorious internet success. Well, I figured it was until I posted another article and it got little support. And then another that got no support. Uh-oh. That made me believe that my content is annoying people, and made me not share my articles with anybody. I continued with this mindset until reading two articles about Youtubers crossing media using book publishing. Natalie Robehmed simply reported that the Publishing industry is seeing an influx of memoirs from Youtubers who live relatively quiet lives, while Kathryn Lindsay is vehement about Youtubers harming the Publishing industry. Although I believe my transmedia sharing is more of a slight inconvenience rather than a bastardization of “THE HOLY AND GREAT FACEBOOK,” I can understand how too much advertisement of oneself across mediums can be cumbersome. I sometimes feel anxious about sharing my content because I feel ashamed about self-promotion. I have tried to post my videos on Reddit before and a lot of the time I get banned from specific subreddits. I know that getting noticed on the Internet is almost impossible without a shoutout, yet I still feel like I’m “selling out” when I post my content on other websites. I don’t desire to become the used car salesman of my internet content, but sometimes I feel that I have to become that if I want my content to have an audience. Is it enough to simply have passion for my work and an audience will form by itself? The short answer to that is no. I was living in that fantasy that I would somehow break out with an article and accrue a massive following. I feel that I have struck a reasonable balance between having my content on YouTube cross with my content on this site. As Professor Maxwell stated: some people desire to peruse a transcript as opposed to watching a video. My articles are effectively the scripts for my videos, so this is a great form of transmedia that I am content with.

I agree that Pokemon works well as a transmedia artform that is not restrictive or cumbersome to its customers. I am not at all implying that Pokemon is not Nintendo’s premiere cash cow. However, it is a very friendly cow. I only play the Pokemon video games. I do not watch the show or play the card game. Despite this, I still love Pokemon, and I become engrossed in its world every time I play. That’s how I want my content to be. I want it to be enjoyable in any form of media without the watcher/reader feeling that they need more pieces to enjoy the experience entirely. I want my content to be a convenient service to those who desire it.


I suppose my shyness does stem from the fact that I post my content on Social Networking Sites that are directly tied to my personal identity. In real life, I do not parade around the fact to strangers that I enjoy playing obscure video games. I do not wish to be seen as absurd. Only when somebody knows me, do I exfoliate my hobbies. I think I enjoy posting my content on YouTube channel because my face is not tied to it. I have no videos that show my face or history there, so I have no problem posting my creations there. I was even contemplating making a new twitter account for this website, so newer visitors do not see my face. And, to be honest, like 3% of my friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter enjoy my subject matter. I feel comfortable in my anonymity. I feel scared to share and show my content because I fear the judgment. I fear strangers infringing on my personal identity. However, the creation of other social media networks that have no ties to my identity may alleviate this concern. However, gaining traction on a “Nerdy Knowledge” Twitter account will likely take months to accomplish. But, I must try and pursue my dreams if I want this to become a career. I love creating videos and articles so much, that I must be willing to push past this emotional barrier.

It also doesn’t help that I am apparently not showing up on any Google searches. When I type in “Nerdy Knowledge” on Google, I’m not even on the first page! And knowing what I do about affordances, and the fact that nobody stays on a web page for longer than a few seconds, that is terrible. Nobody will find me this way. This was when I discovered meta data. Meta data is this mysterious, magical force that will allow my content to pop up on Google searches. At least, that is my conception of it. When I say I discovered it, that does not mean I understand it. I have tried multiple WordPress plugins that boast better “Network Traffic” and “marketability” and other buzz words. So this is currently my goal: get myself to pop up on Google search. To do this, I am going to try and post more content. I can also post shorter, more digestible articles with pictures and lists. I will still make long posts when necessary, but these are excellent alternatives. I can even call them “bit-lists” to talk about small topics that I do not feel require a hefty analysis. Frequent posting keeps my content relevant and continuous. I will also pursue metadata and how Google integrates it. I didn’t realize how much technical prowess this would all take, but if I am serious about turning this website into something major, then I need the dedication to match the task.

I’ll start now:

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  1. Hannah McGregor Hannah McGregor

    A couple of thoughts: first, don’t be discouraged just because you haven’t found the right transmedia avenues yet. I often find self-promotional stuff flops on Facebook, but there are other ways to promote projects. Second, when I search “nerdy knowledge” in quotation marks, you’re the fourth or fifth search result, so don’t be discouraged!

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