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Published December 26, 2016

I apologize for the lack of content on this site in the last few days. I have been very preoccupied with Bloodbor – I mean, the holidays! Yeah. The holidays.

But for real, there has been a lot of family business going on, and I really do have a lot of projects! I am working on a short, Downwell Video and a Stardew Valley review. I was also thinking of discussing Bloodborne’s art design and how graphics do not make a game but rather art direction can make up for raw graphical capability. I also have a Life is Strange Analysis incoming. So trust me, I have a ton i’m working on right now, and they will arrive.

I’ve also contemplated board game reviews! I have been playing a lot of small, fun card and board games with my friends and I want to provide reviews for them. I was thinking Tales of the Arabian Nights, Nightmare (night is a common thing), Love Letter, Munchkin, and Sushi Go. So if those interest you, then feel free to subscribe to the blog or check it up periodically!

I just wanted to be transparent with everybody, because school + work does make me go on these small hiatuses, and I apologize for that. I love entertaining you guys with these articles and videos, and I hope you are enjoying them too.

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