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Published October 18, 2016

A common complaint I received from my Professor and Pheby Yeung was poor navigability on my site. Therefore, in Tutorial on October 13th, I fixed that issue. I finally discovered the difference between a page and a menu! Very exciting. So, what I did, was create a page for my four general topics: My about page, my PUB 101 Assignments, Reviews, and Opinion Pieces. Those will always sit at the top of the menu bar. Anybody can see them, no matter what page they are on.

After that, I made even more “subpages” for the original pages. These were “Books”, “Television”, and “Video Games”. I put these three as sub menu’s under the menu option “Opinion Pieces”. And finally, under the subpages, I put individual posts. The increase in categories means that the viewer can see more of what I post in sections that they enjoy. If a reader wishes to hear what I say about a TV show, my posts are under that menu. If readers are looking for a specific post, the search option is still there for them.

I was thinking of implementing some custom code in the future that allows me to tag posts to specific pages. However, for now, I believe the system I have developed is serviceable for the reader. I was also contemplating adding a page specifically for videos, but, that is also for the future when/if this takes off at all.

I am not skilled enough to think of a segue for the readings, so I will discuss them here. My bad. I am fully aware of Gamergate and the problems it can cause. I followed it for a while in 2014, and I know how volatile the video game community can be. They do not like it when you say things they do not like. I can relate to this article, because my content is very similar to A lot of what Gamergate was about (they say it is for “ethics in games journalism”, but it slowly devolved into harassment and a muddy mess that made absolutely no sense). However, I stay strictly apolitical and passionate about video games and TV. I hope I can absolve my content from vitriol. But it’s unlikely since I just mentioned Gamergate and my opinion on what it is so now I guess I’m political? Ah, well.

I have a confession. I read a LOT of fanfiction when I was younger. But I certainly don’t regret it. I read a lot of Fallout Equestria and that book was like 600k words. It was endless. I read the My Little Pony version of Ulysses when I was 15, it’s nuts. Well, it’s nowhere near as complicated. And it was actually good. But I like fanfiction. A lot of what I do is similar to fanfiction. I write about nerdy stuff that I love, and hey, I can’t knock it. They are using an established Universe and expanding it in their own right. I do a similar thing be instilling way more meaning into things than I should. I like fanfiction, and I like to read it. I have no problem admitting it. I do not think fanfiction should be feared. I think it should be embraced. Plus, horny, 15 year old girls writing romance fanfiction reeeaalllly isn’t THAT bad. It just comes with the age. I was like that too when I was 15.

I related a lot to It’s complicated, as I used social media to formulate communities in high school and University as well. I would talk to my friends while playing games a lot in high school, and it was great. We were able to communicate from all over the world everyday and discuss how our days went, what we learnt at school (not really this isn’t the 50s), and current events. It was great. I really believe social media can make a huge difference in people’s communications and bonds. I have had a lot of intimate and deep conversations with friends over text message that helped me a lot emotionally.

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