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Published September 29, 2016

Before I discovered and took Publishing courses this semester, I had no idea making a website was so accessible, yet so complicated. I lack artistic creativity and understanding, so my website design does not connote a deep meaning whatsoever but, I will try my hardest to convey my goals with this post.

I wanted this to be a read-first website. I chose the Lesse Lite theme as it allowed for better reading of the Process Posts, and my own individual posts. I also wish to divvie my information up into categories. This can be seen on the right sidebar, under “Pages”. I love to write, so I wanted to create multiple pages for different styles. On each page, I’d like to have every post under that category be there. I envision each post under the page to have a shortened version that can open up to the full, readable version. For some of these written sections, I wish to have a video to accompany it, as they are two passions I have. I also wish for pictures to accompany written articles, so my readers aren’t bored to death by incessant ramblings.

As for my PUB 101 content, I want it to be on its own separate page. I do not feel awkward about including University postings, as they are vague enough not to reveal personal details, but, they also provide me with a sort of time capsule. These Process Posts are a snapshot of a specific time in my life, and they mark the beginning of this publishing journey. Therefore, I have no problem with them sitting on my sidebar. So, if you’re reading this in the dystopic cyberpunk future of a couple weeks from now, then hello!

I also wished to give the website a bright, appealing look. My background image is elaborate, yet playful, and connotes the work and topics I wish to discuss. I also wish for my background to be consistent throughout every page on my website. I want it to always be there. I do not want the blandness of a template to plague my site, I want it to pop with colour and images constantly. However, I do not want my site to be overly stimulating. I want the colours to be presentable and welcoming. I do not wish to annoy my readers with snarky comments or “click bait”. I wish for this to be a site where I can write, but also one where my friends can as well. For the future, if my friends ever have any ideas or videos they want to share, I would love to host them on this website. It will help all of our growth and foster an even more diverse community!

Lastly, for widgets and other gadgets, I am content with just having an RSS feed, calendar, and Search function. Although, I may remove the calendar in the future, as it is somewhat clunky and large on the side. Perhaps I’ll shift it and maybe it will look sleek in my head. I wished to include a search function because I want to write a lot for this site, and if, say, a couple months from now, somebody wants a specific article, then they can see it!

To sum up my general design goals: I want my site to look sleek, presentable, readable, and welcoming to visitors. I do not want unecessary clutter and features. I wish for a specific goal to bring articles and videos to readers with minimal clicks and searches.


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