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Published September 15, 2016

When designing this site, I was contemplating whether or not I wanted it to be separate from my real life personality or not. My love for obscure games and media are facets of myself I do not openly present to others. However, I perceived this as an opportunity to blend my creative passions with my interests. I was sick of the academic essays of University and while writing about 200-year-old literature’s lingering effects was interesting, it was not something I wanted to really make a career out of. I feel that this site is an opportunity for that self-expression to reach a larger audience, and if people find it awkward or unappealing, then, that is alright. I’m trying to formulate a community that is welcoming and open to discussion about their hobbies. I do not believe that this site is my site. I want this site to be everybody’s site. I want to do community roundups and contributions if it gets that large. Creativity will flourish, and I want to be the mediator of collaborative efforts.

I wanted my writing style to reflect a balance between colloquial and formal. A site where I can throw in large words to impress readers and show off, and a site where the content is fairly tame and uncontroversial. My goal is to create content that is immersive and engaging. It is leisurely, something that people can look forward to as a way to combat the mundanity of life. I did not want to innovate or change the world; I just wanted to create what I love to create. Therefore, the majority of my categories (i.e. essays, opinion pieces) are meant to reflect casual writing with pictures. I have always wanted to create a website and become more engrained in internet culture, as it is something that has shaped my life for the last decade.

My videos on my Youtube Channel also reflect a mix between my casual and analytic side. They are mostly about video games, because, they are an art form that, I believe at least, does not get enough recognition for its capabilities. Here is my latest one that I worked on the weekend:

This fun atmosphere is something I am also trying to reflect in the website’s design. I wanted a theme that could provide the many pages needed for my different sections. I picked the Lesse Lite theme because its format allowed a balance between presentable pictures and text. It also allows for me to embed my videos from my Youtube channel neatly. My favourite websites such as Youtube and Forbes have many pictures and sleek designs. I believe that Lesse Lite will reflect the visually appealing direction I wish to take this site in. In terms of matching my Vision Board, I would say I did fairly well. However, my vision board made mostly rough generalizations and focused on the pages I wanted. I knew that I wanted a theme that allowed for vivid pictures, so this process of creation has been mostly one as I go.

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