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Published April 22, 2017

Firstly, I want to apologize for the lack of updates. I had a multitude of technical and life issues come up which caused me to go AWOL for a while. Updates should hopefully be regular now.


Yes, it has been done. I completed The Devil is a Part-Timer on Netflix. I would have done it on Crunchyroll, but their new rules dictate that Canada cannot watch unless they have premium. Thankfully, Netflix’s pitiful anime selection contains quite a few gems, and I was in the mood for a comedy. I watched it with my girlfriend, and I was taken back to 12-year-old Nolan’s anime obsession.

I became a weeaboo.

Chiho from The Devil Is A Part-Timer

I have completed my first anime series in five years. What took me so long to complete one? Well, it was likely a poor attention span. I had no stigma against anime, in fact, I play a lot of JRPG’s including the Persona series, which is basically an anime in video game form. It isn’t just anime, I very rarely complete or watch a TV series unless I am pressured into it by somebody. Something about the time commitment it requires repels me. That sounds bizarre, because I spent this whole semester break playing Nier:Automata, which took hours at a time, but sitting down to watch something was always incredibly difficult for me. I feel gross if I binge something for too long, like I need to do something productive or go outside. Video games do not really instill that feeling because I usually end up writing about them and absorbing the experience they provide. But anime and TV shows are something that I feel less confident in writing about, since I am mostly a novice when it comes to them. I can’t really compliment an anime for “good animation”, because animation taste can vary between people.

But I know that I truly do enjoy anime. I am currently in the middle of watching SNAFU, and it is wildly entertaining.  It reminds me of the fun after school activities I participated in in high school. I know, a personal bias. Shoot me.

So with this grandiose announcement that I have become a weeaboo, here is my terrible review of The Devil is A Part-Timer:

The story of characters in a fantasy world coming to the modern world is nothing new. This has been a story trope that plagued a lot of 80s movies. So I was pleased to see that there wasn’t too much time for these characters getting acclimated to the world. I knew this show was a comedy in advance, so I’m happy that the first episode wasn’t spent entirely with Satan and Alciel going “WUT IS THIS WURLD XD????”

What makes this show so endearing is its characters and humour. They are the meat and potatoes of this anime, as the story is fairly irrelevant. In fact, the story’s seriousness is often played for laughs. There is a big juxtaposition between the fantasy land of Ente Isla and Earth. Ente Isla has super serious religious corruption, war, plague, and famine. Japan just has a plummeting birth rate.

But Satan realizes to live and conquer earth, he must get a part-time job. Through this premise, hijinx ensues. Satan becomes engrained in the mundanities. but also the joy of modern japanese life. It has a lot of really good jokes, and that signature japanese humour. I would highly recommend it!


So, once again, I hope I can make videos and posts more frequently now that I have overcome a cavalcade of technical issues. Thanks for being so patient guys!

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