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Here’s What They Don’t Tell You About Dark Souls

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I beat Dark Souls. I am now in the gamer hall of fame. Here’s what the 6-hour analysis videos don’t tell you about the game.…

Review: Fire Emblem: Echoes

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If you recall in my Fire Emblem: Fates Review, you notice that I was very harsh on its bland story and awful characters. I reprimanded…

Good Side Quests

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Good sidequests…where they at? Short answer: They’re there, but they’re hiding. With the glut of open-world games nowadays, they need sidequests to supplement content for…

Persona 5 Diaries (August 20XX)

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So, yes, I haven’t been writing much recently. This is due to me moving into a new place + work. I’m really sorry for this.…

The National Hockey League’s Greatest Fear

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The National Hockey League does not care about ratings. That is irrelevant. It is not concerned about its tiny market in comparison to the other…

Maplestories 2: Electric F2

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I had a friend recently approach me and say that they have the urge to go back to Maplestory. When I heard this, I was…

Nier Automata is the Most Japanese Thing I’ve Ever Played, and I Love It

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I apologize because this article will likely lack coherency, but I am in love with Nier Automata. It is everything I wanted it to be…

Breath of The Wild Takes Place in Vancouver, British Columbia

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Here, I present pieces of evidence that Breath of The Wild does not take place in Hyrule, but rather, Vancouver, British Columbia. Evidence #1: The…

PSA: Review Scores are Pointless

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The issue of review scores for video games isn’t something that new. People’s obsession with a higher number to validate their opinion of a product…

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