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The thought never even crossed my mind to create a set of community guidelines. I am acutely aware of the gaming community’s capacity to bully…

Peer Review #3: Pretending to have Read all these Books

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I am glad I have been blessed by the SFU professor gods to review Oceanside Reads’ marketability. Not because I am an expert in understanding…

Process Post #5: Just Keep Tinkerin’

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A common complaint I received from my Professor and Pheby Yeung was poor navigability on my site. Therefore, in Tutorial on October 13th, I fixed…

Peer Review #2: Where I Observe Designs Much Better Than Mine

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After my first pretentious website design critique, I am ready for another one. I am observing Pheby Yeung’s site, aptly named However, I will…

Process Post #4: My Audience

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My audience is nerds. At least, I believe it is. Maybe it’s broader than that. But, I already knew the audience that I wanted. I…

Process Post #3: Revisitng and Redoing the Design

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The tutorial on September 30th really made my website feel inadequate. Seeing custom fonts and deliberate design choices to match affordances, I had to take…

Process Post #2: Designing the Design

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Before I discovered and took Publishing courses this semester, I had no idea making a website was so accessible, yet so complicated. I lack artistic…

Process Post #1: Designing this Site

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When designing this site, I was contemplating whether or not I wanted it to be separate from my real life personality or not. My love…

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