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Month: May 2017

The National Hockey League’s Greatest Fear

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The National Hockey League does not care about ratings. That is irrelevant. It is not concerned about its tiny market in comparison to the other…

Fire Emblem: Hates

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So in terms of games in 2016 for the 3DS, there was a major drought. At least, there was a drought for me. I got…

Review: Food Wars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Is that Enough Exclamation Marks!!!!!!!)

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Food Wars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Yes I will keep repeating the title like this. The amount of exclamation marks represents the over-the-top nature of this anime), is kind…

Maplestories 2: Electric F2

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I had a friend recently approach me and say that they have the urge to go back to Maplestory. When I heard this, I was…

This Generation of Video Games Is Not The Worst

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Saying something is “not the worst probably” doesn’t sound like a very strong compliment, but please bear with me. Over and over again I have…

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