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Month: March 2017

Steven Universe: The Most Comforting and Immersive Cartoon

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When I binge watch a few episodes of Steven Universe, I always attempt to remember what I just watched. I try to remember specific plot…

How to Survive Winter in Stardew Valley

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  MY CROPS WON’T GROW!!! Capitalists hate the winter time. They hate it because they can’t make as many agricultural profits. This is because, like…

Breath of The Wild Takes Place in Vancouver, British Columbia

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Here, I present pieces of evidence that Breath of The Wild does not take place in Hyrule, but rather, Vancouver, British Columbia. Evidence #1: The…

PSA: Review Scores are Pointless

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The issue of review scores for video games isn’t something that new. People’s obsession with a higher number to validate their opinion of a product…

Legend of Zelda: Breath of Fresh Air

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Initially¬†I was tentative about buying a Nintendo Switch. The first year has a great lineup of games, but in this very first month of March,…

Uncharted 4…Hours Too Long

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Uncharted 4 is a good game. Let me say that right now. My experience with Uncharted 4, overall, was good. I only say this, because…

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