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Month: December 2016

Review: Stardew Valley

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So, I love this game. Stardew Valley has been able to provide me with hours of fun and addicting entertainment. Although, I don’t think I…

The First Hour of Every Harvest Moon Game

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SOURCE: Artist: MissMamaMia

Holiday Update (A.K.A., sorry for a lack of content)

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I apologize for the lack of content on this site in the last few days. I have been very preoccupied with Bloodbor – I mean, the…

Voice Acting Hinders Video Game Narrative

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“Wow, Nolan didn’t you just write about the mistreatment of voice actors in video games?”  Yes, I did. Voice actors are incredibly important to AAA…

Review: Final Fantasy 9

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People ask me all the time (nobody does), Nolan, why is Final Fantasy 9 your favourite Final Fantasy game? I scoff, and open my mouth…

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