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Month: November 2016


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The thought never even crossed my mind to create a set of community guidelines. I am acutely aware of the gaming community’s capacity to bully…

Process Post #10: My Social Media is Annoying, I Know

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When I first shared an article to my Facebook account and got support from my family and friends, I was ecstatic. I thought to myself…

Voice Actors: The Invisible Heroes of Video Games

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  Games get bigger and more cinematic every year. Although a lot of 2016’s best games have gameplay as its priority, games like Uncharted 4…

Peer Review #3: Pretending to have Read all these Books

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I am glad I have been blessed by the SFU professor gods to review Oceanside Reads’ marketability. Not because I am an expert in understanding…

Process Post #8: Open your third Google Eye

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I have a confession to make. Despite the booming growth of Internet and Technology in the industrializing India and China, I am not a billionaire…

Final Fantasy 10 And 13: Three Fundamental Differences

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Final Fantasy 10 and Final Fantasy 13 are very similar games. Both games are incredibly linear and provide very few alternate paths on their maps.…

Process Post #7: Here comes the monaaaay (a few pennies probably)

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The idea of a website that I can run, write my opinions on, and make a living off of is a tantalizing prospect. However, I…

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